Search Engine Optimization Partners

With some jobs, it’s better to just team up with someone to get the job done more efficiently. In the online marketing world, this is mainly facilitated by the use of outsourcers.

Many times outsourcers from foreign countries will be utilized due to their cheap labor cost. Often in countries like the Philippines, you can get online outsourcers to do things like Data processing, keyword research, Basic WordPress tasks and that sort of thing for between two dollars and hour.

Before you get your panties in a bunch over the idea that we may be exploiting these people, keep in mind that a steady 40 hour work week at four dollars an hour in the Philippines is equivalent to about $60,000 hey here in the Western world.

I do quite a bit of Online marketing myself and in particular search engine optimization. I use a variety of different outsourcers for different tasks that are repetitive and can be trusted to just about anybody with a basic skill set. SEO requires a whole lot of simple tasks that are easily taught to someone utilizing a couple of short instructional videos that they can return to for support when they get lost. The biggest challenge in our industry is acquiring new clients and dealing with clients on an ongoing basis.

Building out a simple WordPress site, for example, I can trust to just about anyone but I cannot trust anyone but myself to do the more important task of Client management.

Another way to leverage your time in this industry is the team up with one or more of your peers. For example, I have been wanting to do this affiliate marketing project that just keeps getting put on the back burner. After a while, it becomes a sore spot every time you look at the domain that you’ve hosted and have yet to actually build the site so it can actually make you some money. This is not a job that I can trust to a four dollar an hour outsourcer so I decided to go the peer partner route.

So I took it upon myself present this offer to several of my peers until I got somebody’s interest. Recently a fellow that I’ve known only a short period of time Took up the call. I kind of suspected that he would be a good candidate since he seems to be a very hard worker and always seems to have his mind engaged.

The hardest part of any partnership, of course, is dealing with personality issues and division of Labor and income. Often these projects turn out to be heavily weighted in one task or another. It becomes a bit of a challenge to decide what percentage each party should receive from any of the financial rewards that come in down the road.

In this particular case, I was primarily looking for someone to build out a decent website since my skills in that area somewhat weak. The website will be a mostly one-time proposition whereas the link building that is necessary to rank the website for any search terms that are worthwhile Will be an ongoing process. This makes it a challenge two way out how old ongoing percentage split should be weighted.

I came to the conclusion that 20% ongoing would be reasonably fair. After all, there will be some maintenance on the web build including adding pages and changing titles and meta-descriptions to try to capitalize on ranking positions. I guess it really just comes down to what two people can agree on. There are no hard and fast rules about these things. Partnerships, as I originally stated, can be difficult because of the varying opinions of the people involved.

I will probably update this post at some point Down the road after this project gets off the ground and see how the partnership is unfolding. working on it soon I love you I